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About Our Classes and Programs

Kids Martial Arts

Discover the Macon kids martial arts program that kids can't get enough of... and parents love just as much. Kids enjoy the fun games, challenging activities, and striving to advance through the ranks. Parents love how these classes help their kids get focused, fit, and more respectful than ever.

We cater to kids of all ages, experience levels, and fitness levels. No one is excluded or left out here - which is one reason so many kids love martial arts over team sports. Click here now to let your child test drive it firsthand!

Adult Martial Arts

Our beginner-friendly, super-fun Macon martial arts classes are causing quite a "stir" in the community. That's because you get fun, fitness, self-defense, and a sense of community - every time you come.

Check out our "infamous" online special by clicking here! This lets you try us out risk-free so you can make sure you love our program before signing up for a membership.


Our Macon Kickboxing class works your entire body, burning calories from head to toe. That means every time you come, you'll shape those trouble spots and get slim and toned everywhere else. Plus, it's a TON of fun!

Get Started Today! We're running an amazing web special that includes 3 Classes + FREE Pair of Gloves ($49 value!) for just $19.99! Get it now while it lasts, just click here.

Martial Arts Camps for Kids

Most camps of any kind are nothing but games and... more games. Don't get me wrong - games are great for kids! But wouldn't you like your child to spend their time throughout the year growing and learning skills that will help them succeed in life?

Introducing our Macon Summer Camp: The perfect blend of super-fun games, important life lessons, fitness, self-defense skills and more. Your child will not only have a blast... they'll also gain powerful skills and traits to help them get ahead in life. Click here to learn more. But hurry! We sell out fast! (Spots are limited).

Birthday Parties

Martial Arts Birthday Parties provide a super-fun, supervised, structured party for your child. These parties include fun and games, as well as martial arts instruction. But the best part is... your kid is the star of the show.

They'll help teach their friends martial arts, and showcase their own skills so they feel like a total rockstar. Kids absolutely love these parties, and talk about them for months. Parents love how relaxing and stress-free they are. After all, we do all the work!

About Macon, GA

Macon, GA. Macon (), officially Macon–Bibb County, is a consolidated city-county located in the state of Georgia, United States. Macon lies near the geographic center of the state, approximately 85 miles south of Atlanta, hence the city's nickname "The Heart of Georgia." Located near the fall line of the Ocmulgee River, Macon is the county seat of Bibb County and had a 2017 estimated population of 152,663. Macon is the principal city of the Macon metropolitan area, which had an estimated population of 228,914 in 2017. Macon is also the largest city in the Macon–Warner Robins Combined Statistical Area , a larger trading area with an estimated 420,693 residents in 2017; the CSA abuts the Atlanta metropolitan area just to the north. In a 2012 referendum, voters approved the consolidation of Macon and Bibb County, and Macon became Georgia's fourth-largest city . The two governments officially merged on January 1, 2014.Macon is served by three interstate highways: I-16 , I-75 , and I-475 . The city has several institutions of higher education, as well as numerous museums and tourism sites. The area is served by the Middle Georgia Regional Airport and the Herbert Smart Downtown Airport. The mayor of Macon is Robert Reichert, a former Democratic member of the Georgia House of Representatives. Reichert was elected mayor of the newly consolidated city of Macon–Bibb, and he took office on January 1, 2014.

Macon, GA, with surrounding areas in Lizella, Roberta, Griswoldville, Bolingbroke, or Forsyth, is home to Georgia Martial Arts and Fitness, a Martial Arts facility focusing on programs in Kids Martial Arts, Adult Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Martial Arts Camps for Kids, and Birthday Parties.

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Hello and welcome to Georgia Martial Arts and Fitness! We are a family oriented martial arts school focused on bringing out the best in each one of us. We strive to aid families from all walks of life in producing high quality children who will become the highest quality adults.

From the minute you step foot into our state-of-the-art facility, you’ll see why Georgia Martial Arts is quickly becoming the premier self-defense and fitness center in Macon. We honor tradition in our martial arts training, yet embrace innovation and modern day teaching methods.

Our outstanding reputation clearly shows the love and passion for what we do and how we do it. We are committed to helping you increase your focus, discipline and physical fitness through taekwondo, fitness kickboxing and other martial arts training. Very simply, your goals are our goals. You bring the goals list and we’ll handle the details.

We Make Learning Self-Defense and Getting Fit Safe and Fun for All Ages! Our school specializes in teaching students of all ages – from 4 to 84. We understand the basics of martial arts and emphasize the proper use of punches, kicks and strikes. We want to start you off on the right foot as a beginner and help you advance to the next level safely and confidently…while having a ton of FUN too! 

Our intention is NOT to promote a sense of being buff and tough by fighting. Instead, our main goal is to teach you effective self-defense techniques that work…something you can use right now.

Anyone can learn and you don’t need any prior experience to start. How awesome is that?! So if you’re a little nervous, that’s ok. We understand because all of us here were once in your shoes as a beginner. We will teach you the basics in a safe and encouraging environment. All of us here will CHEER you on and high five you in every class.

No matter what motivated you to Georgia Martial Arts and Fitness, you’ll love what our programs do for your body, mind and spirit…

You and your family will get fit together and learn healthy habits and self-defense in FUN and EXCITING ways so that you can’t wait to come back and learn new techniques in the next class.

If you’re thinking that all these awesome benefits are probably going to be way too expensive and that you would have to get a second job in order to pay for it, rest assured that that is not true at all. In fact, martial arts training is actually a LOW-COST activity with endless benefits…priceless benefits! Character-building skills for your success in life now and in the future. 

Check out the SUPER-LOW web special going on right now. Classes fill up fast because it\'s such a great deal so reserve your spot today!

Sure, learning TaeKwonDo and Fitness Kickboxing take time and work, but it’s also a lot of FUN and very REWARDING! 

All the instructors are highly qualified and experienced. They love what they do and it shows…in every class…every time. They truly enjoy working with children, teens and adults and they understand the needs of each age group.

Worried About Health and Safety? We’ve got you covered so you can check that off your list. We have a modern facility with safety and cleanliness as our top priorities. The minute you walk through the doors, you’ll see that everything is TOP-NOTCH – super clean and organized, positive and friendly. That’s just how we roll here.  

Get ready to experience the best prices, the most amazing staff, and have the most fun you\'ve ever had getting fit. We look forward to empowering YOUR life!

Head Instructor

Mrs. Tracy Owens started training in Taekwondo in 1994 with Master Bert Brown at Bert Brown’s Taekwondo Plus in Macon, Georgia.

She earned the rank of 6th Degree Master Black Belt in June of 2012.

With over 17 years of teaching experience, Mrs. Owens focuses on Taekwondo and Fitness Kickboxing; however, she is also certified to teach several other Martial Arts including Han-Mu-Do and Japanese swords.

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